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VCMA Meet the Nominees

ROV- First of all we are very honored to be nominated for the music awards. We bring our style of classics done up with our own style of Arena Rock to the music community for those who have great memories to the songs we play and to bring our sound

After the Smoke

After The Smoke The five song  follow up E.P. to their fantastic 2013 release of ‘Microwaves’ has been eagerly anticipated and it doesn’t disappoint.  It’s almost symphonic in its approach to song writing without really betraying or denying the genre that they’ve found their home in.  “Rise Up,”  also just SOUNDS

Half Past the Revolution

Half Past the Revolution 'Words of Thieves,' Half Past the Revolutions current record came out on July 18 of this year. It's a dark opus of metal, using and adapting conventions and then using them in creative new ways. The break downs are there but, not when you expect them. The

This Shit Rules

TSR Hailing from Simi Valley punk rock band This Shit Rules just released their first full length self- titled record.  Catchy where you wouldn’t expect it and raw in all the right places, TSR have put together a tight punk rock album that is exactly what it says.  They wear their

Ingraven Interview – Youtuber

Ingraven Interview By: Madeline McPhail What got you started on YouTube? Just seeing other people do it and knowing that it was something I could see myself doing.. More recently, my channel has changed a lot because before it was centered around game of madden but now I talk about anything centered around football. What’s

Hard Six

Written by Silvie Mietzekatze If you’re from Ventura and you have not heard of HARD SIX, you must have been dead for the last couple years. HARD SIX is a Ventura county based Rockabilly band that features FUSE HARDSIX on vocals/ guitar, BILLY VOGELCIDE on upright bass and CHRIS STORY on