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This Shit Rules

Hailing from Simi Valley punk rock band This Shit Rules just released their first full length self- titled record.  Catchy where you wouldn’t expect it and raw in all the right places, TSR have put together a tight punk rock album that is exactly what it says.  They wear their influences hard on their sleeves but, never at the expense of the song.  They also threw in a pretty great cover that I was excited to hear, see if you can spot it!  The recording itself is kind of brilliant, it’s lo-fi in all the right ways without sounding like they were trying to sound any which way, it just sounds like them, finding an authentic punk rock band isn’t always easy these days, frankly I’m excited to see what they do.  If you’re looking for passionate, honest pure punk rock look for these guys on and Facebook.  Seriously.  Do it now.  Finish reading this after.

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