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Stebz Juarez – dub dance hall Hip hop reggae

Stebz Juarez is a dub dancehall hip-hop reggae singer, dancehall toaster, and all around solo musician hailing from Southern California born and raised in the city of Ventura. Stebz Juarez is a musician of 16 years and has a diverse musical background in many different styles but is prominent in a dub reggae sound, using dub reggae techniques on his tracks , with heavy effects and details mixed into every single song. Mixing the styles of authentic sounding electronic dancehall, dub reggae with delays, reverbs, laser beams, 808s and more. From being able to flow in hip-hop and rap , all the way to authentic rude boi style fast chat toasting in true Jamaican DJ style and singing over straight authentic reggae tracks in true sing jay fashion. While still keeping it completely reggae and incorporating heavy hip-hop and dancehall influence into his prominent dub reggae sound doing something not as popularly seen , or done as much in current modern California reggae.

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