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Aaron Taylor — Nashville-signed country artist with California Roots

NC: How does a guy from L.A. get into country music?
APT: My dad would listen to Country music with a lot of Kenny Rogers. I never listened to country music as a kid and it wasn’t until close to my twenties that I started to listen to country. Once I was introduced to country, my buddies Chris Austin (who plays drums in my band now), Wesley and Josh would go to all of the country-dance clubs like Borderline, Denim & Diamonds, In-Cahoots and The Cowboy Palace and eventually learned all the dances. Not long into my twenties I began getting the itch to start singing. All of us would go to a fun little place called the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, CA for Karaoke nights. One of the things we remembered most about this place was a regular, a girl, who would always sing a version of “I’m too sexy”, but she would doing it practically stripping throughout the song. I was not very good singer when I first started out. Full of nerves and “what if I suck” stuck in my head. The only thing I was comfortable trying to sing was some good old, classic George Strait. I had one go to song, “Cross My Heart”. The more I sang in front of people the easier it got, and the more I loved it.
Though I am now a Nashville-signed country artist, I am proud of my California roots. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I have played everywhere from Borderline, to Buck Owens Crystal Palace to the Cowboy Palace. For a Southern California country band, these are staples of the country scene. One of the things that the people in Nashville appreciate about me is that I don’t try to be someone I am not. I am comfortable with who I am inside and out. I don’t have a southern drawl but I have a country spirit in the way that I write and sing songs.
NC: WHAT are the differences in CA and TN?
APT: Nashville is an efficient and amazing place to record and play music. My current album that we cut in at the Sound Kitchen in Nashville had 5 songs tracked in 3 hours. Guitars, bass, keys and drums. That same process in CA might take twice that long or even days. In California it is expensive to live so most players have day jobs and play music on weekends and nights. In Nashville, music is there day job and night job.
NC: What can people expect when they see you Perform?
APT: I pride myself on putting on a fun and entertaining shows each and every night. There are a hundred other things people can be doing rather than coming to my shows. I believe that I owe it to every single person who takes their time and spends their money on my shows then I need to give them the best show I possibly can. If there are five people at my show, I will make five new friends and fans. If there are five thousand people then I will make five thousand new friends and fans. That is how I approach my shows and fans.
NC: When can we hear your new album?
APT: We will be releasing our first single “My Weekend” in the next month on Country radio. The video will follow shortly after. We will be making show appearances all over California to start the promotion machine
NC: You were nominated in the Best Country artist category for the Ventura County music awards, How does that feel?
APT: I am humbled anytime someone takes just one second of his or her time to recognize what I do. All the artist that were nominated are great and it’s good for the fans to have such great talent out there to listen to.
NC: How can people find you?
APT: search the inter-web for Aaron Pax Taylor. I am on all social media, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more.



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