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In 2015 indie pop rockers Joywave released their first full length record and never looked back.   Daniel Armbruster-Vocals, Joseph Morinelli-Guitars, Sean Donnelly-bass, Benjamin Bailey-keys and Paul Brenner-drums concoct and create a type of indy dream pop that’s as hard to pin down as it is to listen to.  The band first became known for its collaboration with electronic music project Big Data, “Dangerous”, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in 2014.  We had a chance to talk to Daniel about Big Data and how Joywave became what it is now.

“Big Data was this project that Alan, who is now Big Data and I started together so were like a duo for like a year or two.  He lives in Brooklyn and I live in Rochester which is like six hours upstate but, I would on certain weekends go to the city and we would kind of hang out and work on songs.  It was really like a side thing from Joywave that I didn’t spend a lot of time on and we finished ‘Dangerous’ one day and Alan said “I think this is a big song,” I was like, Cool.  I hope people like it.  He kind of new that this was going to be massive then Joywave and Big Data got signed just a few weeks of each other.  I couldn’t do both full time so Alan became Big Data by himself.”

Pockets of music or scenes are really formed by musicians making a community of themselves as Daniel attested to, “People notice one thing and then notice everything around that, it’s awesome and I’m really grateful that people have taken note.”  By communities of musicians working together success is not only much easier to obtain, it’s much more satisfying.  I hope the days of band backstabbing to be finished so that we all may bolster each other in art and community.  You can hear the gratitude in Daniels voice.  “Our manager always says overnight success takes decades or something to that effect.”  Getting discovered is a different game now and it’s refreshing to hear that bands are starting to work together to achieve their goals instead of against them.  Especially such a versatile and creative group such as Joywave.

Their new record, “How Do You Feel Now?” comes out July 28th of this year and if their past records are any indication of the direction they’re heading in then you indie cats out there better get excited.  You can hear a few of the new tracks on Spotify, they’ll also be touring, in Santa Barbara on August 25th none the less.  They’ll be in California and I wouldn’t pass up the chance to see them.  For an experience in art and musicians who have worked hard and never given up.  Check em out.

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